General information of Japanese patent

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General information

Japanese patent practice (not limited to technical fields)Links
Multiple dependent claim is acceptable Click
Flow of procedures for a patent application and a divisional application after notification of 1st OA in Japan Click
Restriction of amendment of claims after the Final OA or Examiner's decision of refusal is issued Click
Additional experimental data to submit in response to office action Click
Examination Guidelines regarding Eligibility for Patent and Industrial Applicability Click
Case examples of industrial applicability of the invention Click
Examination Guidelines regarding use application ("for use in...") Click
Examination Guidelines regarding Amendment Adding New Matter Click
Examination Handbook regarding Product-by-process claim Click
Examples of appeals against the examiner's decision of refusal Click
Examples of oppositions Click
Examples of invalidation trials Click
Examples of advisory opinions by JPO under Article 71 Click
Japanese patent systemLinks
Flowchart of procedures for obtaining a Japanese patent via PCT Click
Deadline for PCT national phase entry into Japan Click
New fee reduction system:  From April 1, 2019, an applicant can more easily receive a reduction in examination request fee and patent fee Click
Outline of accelerated examination and accelerated appeal examination Click
Half Refund System on Examination Request Fees Click
Grace period system in Japan (exception to loss of novelty) Click
Outline of the System of Opposition to Grant of Patent in Japan Click
Japanese Patent Act Click
Japan Patent Office Fee Schedule (JPO website) Click
Japanese National Holidays for 2019 Click