• Deadline for entering the Japanese national phase
  • 30 months from the priority date.

  • Language of the Japanese patent application
  • Japanese.

  • Deadline for Japanese translation
  • 2 months from entering the Japanese national phase.

  • Power of Attorney
  • A POA is not required for entry into Japanese national phase.  (It is required to submit a POA for some proceedings, such as an appeal filing.)

  • Examination request
  • Three years from the international filing date of the PCT application.

  • Novelty grace period
  • The grace period is within 1 year prior to the filing date of a PCT application.
    The applicant should file a request for a novelty grace period at the time of Japanese national phase entry (the request can be omitted if a declaration as to non-prejudicial disclosures or exceptions to lack of novelty has been done at the international phase) and submit a certificate of the disclosure within 30 days from filing Japanese translation.
    (If the disclosure is against the intention of the applicant (e.g., disclosure by breach of non-disclosure agreement), the request and certificate are not required.)

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