The following table shows the ranking of Applicants in Japan. The ranking is based on the following conditions.

  • Technical field:  Food (meat products, noodle, chocolate, soup, etc.)
  • Status:  Japanese granted patents in 2017 (registration date).
  • Count:  The number of patents filed by each applicant was counted.
160日清オイリオグループ株式会社Nisshin OilliO Group View
440サントリーホールディングス株式会社Suntory Holdings
630雪印メグミルク株式会社Snow Brand Meg Milk
830不二製油グループ本社株式会社Fuji Oil Group
926ネステク ソシエテ アノニムNestech
1026三栄源エフ・エフ・アイ株式会社San-Ei Gen
1220株式会社東洋新薬TOYO SHINYAKU
1318理研ビタミン株式会社Riken Vitamin
1417サントリー食品インターナショナル株式会社Suntory Food
1517サッポロビール株式会社Sapporo Beer
1617不二製油株式会社Fuji Oil
1717日清食品ホールディングス株式会社Nissin Food Products
1816ジボダン エス エーGivaudan SA
1916アサヒビール株式会社Asahi Breweries
2016長谷川香料株式会社Hasegawa Hako
In preparing the table, a patent search expert conducted a patent search using patent classification and keywords (as necessary) in order to extract patents in specific technical field (here, Food field).
In the patent search, it was confirmed that a high-accuracy population (i.e., a population not including non-relevant fields) of patents was obtained. Subsequently, the population was used to create the table.
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