The following table shows the ranking of Applicants in Japan. The ranking is based on the following conditions.

  • Technical field:  Diagnosis (diagnosis agent/method, detecting agent/method of cancer/dementia, etc.)
  • Status:  Japanese granted patents in 2017 (registration date).
  • Count:  The number of patents filed by each applicant was counted.
18ジェネンテック, インコーポレイテッドGenentech View
26公立大学法人横浜市立大学Yokohama City University
36ネステク ソシエテ アノニムNestech
55国立大学法人東北大学Tohoku University
85ザ リージェンツ オブ ザ ユニバーシティ オブ カリフォルニアUniversity of California
In preparing the table, a patent search expert conducted a patent search using patent classification and keywords (as necessary) in order to extract patents in specific technical field (here, Diagnosis field).
In the patent search, it was confirmed that a high-accuracy population (i.e., a population not including non-relevant fields) of patents was obtained. Subsequently, the population was used to create the table.
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