The following table shows the ranking of Applicants in Japan. The ranking is based on the following conditions.

  • Technical field:  Hybrid car (Hybrid car technology having broad facet classification: control device, power supply system, electric power conversion device for hybrid vehicle, etc.)
  • Status:  Japanese granted patents in 2017 (registration date).
  • Count:  The number of patents filed by each applicant was counted.
1243トヨタ自動車株式会社Toyota Motor View
284日産自動車株式会社Nissan Motor
449本田技研工業株式会社Honda motor
547マツダ株式会社Mazda Inc
727三菱自動車工業株式会社Mitsubishi Motors
823アイシン・エィ・ダブリュ株式会社Aisin AW
921いすゞ自動車株式会社Isuzu Motors
1020三菱電機株式会社Mitsubishi Electric
1120日立オートモティブシステムズ株式会社Hitachi Automotive
1217日立建機株式会社Hitachi Construction
1316アイシン精機株式会社Aisin Seiki
1416現代自動車株式会社Hyundai Motor
1513矢崎総業株式会社Yazaki Sangyo
1613日野自動車株式会社Hino Motors
1713株式会社豊田自動織機Toyota Industries
1910株式会社豊田中央研究所Toyota Central Research
2010ダイハツ工業株式会社Daihatsu Industry
In preparing the table, a patent search expert conducted a patent search using patent classification and keywords (as necessary) in order to extract patents in specific technical field (here, Hybrid Car field).
In the patent search, it was confirmed that a high-accuracy population (i.e., a population not including non-relevant fields) of patents was obtained. Subsequently, the population was used to create the table.
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